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These are and are not products of thought



These are and are not products of thought.

They are in that they are produced with a program I wrote in JavaScript
called Aleph Null.

They are not in that they were generated by Aleph Null and I did not
anticipate them. They come as a surprise to me.

Also surprising to me is their sometimes organic and also sexual quality or
associations. I wondered why they have these unintended properties.


My 'answer' is that the development and evolution of life involved related
dynamic processes of generation. The same process operates over a length of
a curve or an area to produce a simple or fundamental organic shape.

Most of these graphics are 1920x1080. Best to go fullscreen via your F11 key
or the View>Fullscreen menu option. Many of them thrive in darkness far
below the surface of consciousness; dim or turn off the lights. Many of them
are best viewed by the light of the moon. There are a total of 165 images.

You can view the captured specimens at
http://vispo.com/aleph/jim/index.htm?n=97 or you can view them in their
native interactive habitat at http://vispo.com/aleph/an.htm . However,
hunting beautiful ones requires a bit of practice. Like hunting butterflys,
beauty, or the snark. Best to follow the instructions at bottom right.