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Harvestworks Presents: Quasim Ali Naqvi & Kira Lynn Harris

MONDAY, APRIL 26, 7:00pm
596 Broadway, Suite 602, NY, NY 10012/corner of Broadway & Houston
subway: Broadway/Lafayette (F/V), Bleecker (6), Prince St. (N/R)
212-431-1130 (p), 212-431-7693(f)
www.harvestworks.org / contact Carol Parkinson: 212-431-1130

On Monday, April 26th, Quasim Ali Naqvi will present The Electrical Secrets project, a work that explores the ancient Japanese idea of instrument building (Sawari) and places it in a more futuristic context. Naqvi uses computer processed field recordings taken from industrial parks near his family home in Karachi Pakistan in order to obstruct the natural sound of an acoustic instrument. The resulting texture is a blurred geographical representation of a particular place, giving rise to a genuine and significant sound.

Also featured this evening will be a six-minute silent video presentation by Kira Lynn Harris entitled Glint: Harlem Morning. Harris' work explores an ongoing interest with light and perception as it relates to a specific place. In this case Harris turns her interest towards the building exteriors of Harlem.