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Coded Cultures / Exhibition*Symposium*Workshops / Vienna-Austria

CODED CULTURES | decoding digital culture
16.05. - 30.05.2004 | Freiraum/ MuseumsQuartier Vienna

*Coded Cultures is an open forum*

Digital realities are coded. In this context Coded Cultures decodes and acts as an agent between the creator and receiver of information. The ways of origination and reality design of various artists and art groups shall be demonstrated on hand of workshops and an exhibition, whereas a new approach towards digital art in the 21.century will be acquired beyond its technical background.

Young medial art, media- art and conceptional art from eastern and western Europe of the last 20 years will be shown in the "Freiraum" in MuseumsQuartier Vienna, presented by the well known slovenian curator Dunja Kukovec.

Parallel to the exhibition there will be a complementary, theoretical as well as interactive line-up. It should help to decode and reflect upon the ways of origination and the perception of various artists and art groups, who either are or have been active in the aforementioned fields.

Several workshops will take place during Coded Cultures. These will picture the tools and methods of digital art and progressvive projects.

How does digital art define itself?
Can one speak of the complete loss of the aura of digital media art in order of decentralisation in the creation and distribution of art in terms of Walter Benjamin? Is there a new aura being created? A step backwards cannot be considered, but how can the step forward look like? Where are the prospects of digital media art and what are the new approaches and discourses like, which absorb or are taken up by the artists?

The production of art has massively changed because of digitalisation and the global network resulting in the decentralization of the locations of creative production. Inspite of- or because of- the elusive elements used by electronic media, many digital groups of people with same interests (digital subcultures, "Offentlichkeiten") evolved. Through the permanent creation of new (digital) groups of interest, many projects are formed which point out new ways of distribution and presentation of artistic content. The presentation of new trend- setting channels, as well as the demonstration of common aims of subcultures, which organize themselves by means of new media, are part of Coded Cultures. Since 20 years new forms and methods of publicising are shaped by these groups, which often have the same motivation.

Aside massculture the image of the artist is not clearly defined. Many "digital artists" do not refer to themselves as such. Furthermore, the artistic work is coded on behalf of different cultural backgrounds, cultural connotations and (visual) symbolism.

These codes will be pointed out and compared. The aim is to make the "art of the new media" apprehend- and experiencable. Apart from the technical approach, narrative elements, interaction and transparency are of importace to the viewer.
The term of "digital art" will be discussed- the ways of creation, perception, aesthetics and norms will be reflected upon and decoded. Artists and the interested audience shall be brought together in the open forum Coded Cutures: the contemporary situation of digital forms of expression is to be illustrated, new ways and possibilities in these disciplines to be found and the discussion about digital art shall be stimulated.
detailled schedule and programme at http://5uper.net/codedcultures