Hand Built

So I wouldn't normally post this (and I haven't posted in years), but an interesting thing I have
noticed.  I hand-built a desktop to be the height I need (as opposed
to by one of those adjustable desks that just seemed ridiculous for
the price) and I am finding that after 30 years of technology
offices (from lush to spare), I am actually enjoying being in the
office again - the smell, feel, and color of hand-built desk
furniture makes the room feel richer and more vibrant.  It is a very emotional reaction. Any other
furniture or accessory make this happen for someone?  Additionally, has anybody contemplated what years and years (over 30 now for me) in front of computer screens 8+ hours a day 5-6 days a week, 50 weeks a year really does to somebody? How does this impact more generally?  Is there a historic reference - ie - I found that I had to move to drafting stools to sit because my knees where getting hurt by years of 90 degree angle sitting - did draftsmen sit so long?  Did anybody stare so long at a fixed space in front of them?