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Blinkenlights.Arcade Paris

  • Deadline:
    Oct. 6, 2002, midnight


Arcade is the brand new light installation of Project Blinkenlights. Following up on the original Blinkenlights installation in Berlin, Arcade marks a new step in interactive light installations in public space.

In the context of the Nuit Blanche art festival in Paris, the team transforms the Tower T2 of the Bibliotheque nationale de France into a huge computer screen. With a matrix of 20 x 26 windows (resulting in 520 directly addressable pixels) and a size of 3370m2, the Arcade installation is positioned to be world's biggest computer screen ever.

Using the newly created ArcadePaint program - running on Mac OS and Windows operating systems - everybody can start creating his own pictures and animations immediately. The resulting files can be sent to us by e-mail to become part of the ever-growing playlist of animations to be displayed during the lifespan of Arcade.