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re_image @ Remote Lounge, NYC

re_image is a Finishing School (FS) action that utilizes the existing interactive technology of Remote Lounge to raise public awareness of the ease in corrupting technology and the potential misuse of surveillance data; and to challenge the participants actions regarding the politics of identity and body imaging-both as subject and as viewer.

Remote Lounge describes itself as a hands-on digital entertainment lounge that integrates art, technology, and nightlife. It focuses media attention on guests and invites them to explore themselves, each other, and the world through a layer of technology. Walking in the door alone generates content that can be revisited later online. The physical space was designed around a media as architecture concept that enhances the virtual experience. RL invites guests to enter the virtual electronic world, where all is visible and accessible.

Counter to the interactive model designed by Remote Lounge, participants in the re_image action are not aware of the physical presence of FS at RL. Anonymous confrontation stimulates real emotions (anxiety, fear, anger, and unresolved conflict) that can be used to foster a clearer understanding of issues related to surveillance culture.

Please join us in the lower level, there is no cover charge for this

March 31, 2004 @ Remote Lounge
From 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm

327 Bowery, (between 2nd & 3rd )NYC


Los Angeles based Finishing School is a collective identity that
enlists tactical media to investigate the many intersections between
educational models, critical theory, and covert and common everyday activities. All Finishing School projects attempt to demystify cultural production and redefine viewers as active participants engaged in a learning process. Members of Finishing School are Brian Boyer, Ed Giardina, and xtine. www.finishing-school.net