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One Line Collective Exhibit - online and Chicago

Hi All,

More than 6 months ago, we posted a notice a notice on Rhizome for digital artists and artists of other mediums to contribute to an art exhibit called "The One Line Collective".

The physical show begins on April 2 in Chicago, and the digital art for the show is featured on the site, and currently available to be viewed. All the artist picked a "one-line poem" from a collection and created work based on that individual line. Featured on the site is J.R. Carpenter's digital piece based on "forsaken orbit". ("forsaken orbit" is the poem in it's entirety). She uses a variety of web art techniques.

Soon we will be posting a call for artists for next years show, which will have a much more emphasized digital presence. The new collection of poems is 18 poems long, and we will be looking for one artist to do each poem, and we will "bind" them together on a physical CD to sell at next years show, along with placing it on the site.

So please visit the site, and see J.R.'s work, and the site will give you additional information about the show if you happen to be in Chicago during the month of April.



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