Many years ago I used Keyworx to facilitate a live multi- artist collaboration on a shared digital canvas.
Keyworx is no longer available. Is there any software out there that will do something similar?



marc garrett Feb. 3 2010 08:45Reply

Hi Alan,

It is a shame about Keyworks not being available anymore.

If you are interested we created visitorsstudio in 2003, an online place for real-time, multi-user mixing, collaborative creation, many to many dialogue and networked performance and play.

We won the 'grand netart 2009 prize' for it last year -

Also, here is some other info regarding context, articles etc…

A CONTEXT MAP OF VisitorsStudio

wishing you well.


Alan Schechner Feb. 3 2010 13:28Reply

Wow Mark that looks great, thank you
I was thinking of doing something collaborative with those big BBC screens you see across the country.
Have you ever worked with something that scale? or would projections be a better option?


marc garrett Feb. 3 2010 21:06Reply

Hi Alan,

Yes, when we did the collaborative project in 2004, we had big screens streaming the live-work then, across different venues such as postmaters gallery and cafe's, and outside walls and shop windows - it works weel in that context, and people can collaborate bringing their laptops as well…

wishing you well.


abre Oct. 26 2010 14:43Reply

god blesss