looking for artist/collaborator

I'm seeking an collaborator for an upcoming performance project – will premiere at major art festival (fall 2010) in Austria, then tours to Berlin, Bergen (Norway) and New York. The piece is a performance using only chatbots in discussion about humanism, anti-humanism, bodies and language. We also work with the well-known 1971 debate between Noam Chomsky and Michel Foucault. I'm looking for someone who wants to collaborate on the visual design on the bots, the spatial design of the performance . Also would be great to find someone who wants to get into the software a bit, mess around with the text-to-speech program we'll be using to give the bots voices, etc etc. There is pay, paid travel, etc. Contact me at adorsen@yahoo.com if any of this seems interesting. Sending links, photos of your work, and cv would be great.