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Re: Columbia Art & Technology Lecture--Manuel DeLanda

DeLanda's piece shown here is visually pretty similar to a piece I submitted to Rhizome a few years ago. (http://rhizome.org/object.rhiz?9436). Does anyone have more info on it?

John Geraci

Jennifer Estaris wrote:

> Manuel DeLanda
> Thursday, April 8, 2004, 6pm
> LeRoy Neiman Gallery, 310 Dodge Hall
> Columbia University, New York, NY
> Free and open to the public
> Manuel DeLanda was born in 1952 in Mexico City and has lived in
> Manhattan since 1975. He began his career in the mid-seventies as an
> independent filmmaker, showing his films in cine-clubs and museums
> around the world. In 1980 he acquired an industrial-grade computer and
> became a programmer and computer artist, writing his own software for
> several years. His philosophical essays have appeared in many journals
> and he currently lectures extensively in the United States and Europe
> on nonlinear dynamics, theories of self-organization, Artificial
> Intelligence and Artificial Life. He is author of the books War in the
> Age of Intelligent Machines, A Thousand years of Nonlinear History and
> Intensive Science and Virtual Philosophy. He has contributed to
> numerous collections, including A Thousand Plateaus by G. Deleuze and
> F. Guattari, and Ecological Imperialism by Alfred Crosby and
> Self-Organizing Systems, edited by Eugene Yates.
> The Art & Technology Lectures will culminate with Ricardo Dominguez, a
> tactical media artist, on May 12.
> For more information, see
> http://www.columbia.edu/cu/arts/dmc/docs/lectureseries.html
> Or email art-tech-lecture@music.columbia.edu
> Co-presented by the Digital Media Center and Computer Music Center at
> Columbia University