8-17 May in Geneva

The Mapping festival is an international visual and audio festival based in Geneva, Switzerland.
The festival was formed in 2005 around the goal to promote the VJ medium, its culture and its connection to electronic music. Since then it has evolved into presenting related projects in contemporary art such as audiovisual performances, and interactive installations as well as including workshops and lectures that further emphasize the aspect of community that is a strong component of VJ movement.
Now in our 5th year the physical spaces that the festival will occupy will reflect this diversity in that they will include club, gallery, cinema and outdoor venues.

They will play at the Mapping FEstival 2009:

Reactable (ES)
Sonom (ES)
Klif (CR)
LaptopsRus (International)
Etepetete (AU)
Strap On Dildos (F)
Dothy (F)
Raquel Meyers (ES)
Okinwaw 69 (DE)
Chloé Tallot (F)
Frischvergiftung (DE)
::Teatrino Elettrico :: (IT)
The Erasers (GR)
Pussykrew (PL)
VJ Oblivion (F)
VJ Lupin (F)
Videoman (MX)
Negativo (ES)
Defasten (UK)
*spark & NOVAK (UK)
Berlin Beam Boys (DE)
Reflexus (ES)
Video Jack (PO/S)
Dynamo Company (CH)
Videogeist (DE)
Digital Slaves (F)
Resolume (NL)
Laurent Carlier (F)
Oli Sorenson aka VJ Anyone (UK)
Sito Sun (AU)
VJ Urbanizer, VJ Vicsek, Kego Izzok, VJ Nano (HR)

… and many more !