Discussion Section Update

Dear Subscribers and Users of Rhizome Discuss,

As you all have noticed, the discuss list has become the target of a mass spam campaign where individuals have signed up to Rhizome and have abused the discuss forum by posting bogus comments and ad links.

We strive to keep an open policy for the forum in hopes to create an environment for debate and creative engagement. Unfortunately, within the next few days we will have to instate a heavier moderation policy until this spamming subsides. Once the spam is under control, we will begin sending discuss posts as email messages again.

I want you to know that we are working to take care of the spam problem and appreciate your patience with this matter. The tech staff here has been very busy working on many new projects, including the recent migration of Rhizome to a new server.

Rhizome appreciates the patience and loyalty of our community.


Nick Hasty
Director of Technology