ArtRSS Database Project Update

In mid-December I announced ArsRSS, a searchable database of approximately 120 RSS news
feeds dedicated to the visual arts and new media. The Announcement is at

I've been gradually adding facilities for collecting data about how the site is being used and have posted a brief 'preliminary' look at some of the stats. They are available off the main page:
Some of you might want to take a look. You might also want to try it out, if you haven't. One of its features is the dedicated, customized news feed, which some people have tapped into–i.e, you can create your own news feed based on your own search criteria and ArsRSS will return the results to your news reader.

As the project has developed, an underlying theme has become clear, namely what it is that we can learn about users from the basic tools and infrastructure of a web site. This gets us into questions of the uses of web architecture for profiling.