NEW! Net.Art - Downloading Pixels

This net art piece captures the flow of downloading images onto your computer. This animation will look different depending on what web browser you are using. If you are using Firefox try viewing this in Explorer or on an iPhone. Internet connection speed and computer processing power will also determine the final the outcome. Experiment with the different settings and unusual patterns will emerge.

Ulrike Ritter Jan. 23 2009 01:49Reply

perhaps to slow, worm sluggy

Scott Blake Jan. 26 2009 12:11Reply

Thanks for the feedback.

The default speed is 04.00
Try a faster setting.

00.25 = quarter second loop
00.50 = half a second
01.00 = full second loop
02.00 = two second loop
04.00 = four second loop
08.00 = eight second loop
16.00 = sixteen second loop
32.00 = thirty two second loop

And Bitmap is the fastest loading style too.