monochrom: Der Streichelnazi

In 1938 Austria joined the Third Reich. Millions cheered Hitler and in the referendum 99.75% said 'yes' to 'Greater Germany'. But after World War II, many Austrians sought comfort in the idea of Austria as "the Nazis' first victim". Factions of Austrian society tried for a long time to advance the view that it was only annexation at the point of a bayonet(te).
But it's time to embrace history.
It's time to remember the feel-good days of 1938.
It's time to let our real feelings out!
It's time to hug the Nazi, Austria!

Dave Miller July 2 2008 11:05Reply

Not sure if I get it really - the Austrians learn to show their love in public for Nazis again, as they have been denying themselves this since the war? I know it's only a joke but sorry I don't think it works. Is this really letting the real feelings out? I doubt it, I would think that people have moved on by now. Would it be more fun if the Nazis petted the Austrians, maybe this is more what what people want, and maybe closer to what happened?

Trust me… Austria, this tiny little postnazistic democracy, still has lots of stuff to settle…


Scott Blake July 3 2008 18:51Reply

Austria has some strict anti-Nazi laws. Wearing a swastika arm band in Vienna is 'verboten'. Kudos on healing the wound.