Profile of Steve Lambert creator of Add-Art

Profile of Steve Lambert on Ad Week. His project Add-Art (, is a free application for Firefox browsers that replaces Web ads with contemporary art.

A conceptual artist and co-founder of the Anti-Advertising Agency, is, depending on your perspective, a wry cultural critic or a loose cannon who must be stopped.

Steve Lambert July 1 2008 15:51Reply

why does it have to be either/or?

Vijay Pattisapu Sept. 11 2008 01:44Reply


I couldn't believe this piece got so much hype and money. People were making s/<ad>/<art>/g stuff years before Add-Art, ever since Greasemonkey came out, and maybe even before. The only way Add-Art stands apart is by its presentation in a high-art context – that is to say, ironically – by its salesmanship.

Sorry to be so harsh, but someone has to shovel shit around here.


Steve Lambert Sept. 27 2008 12:57Reply