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Sattelite Art History Archives Opening Online!

Hello Rhizome members,

URL: www.openspace.ca/outerspace

I would like to announce the opening of Open Space's web archives that document this insitution's unique history within the realm of Telecommunications Art.

This particular historical period primarily includes Slow-Scan Transmissions via the PEACESAT network (SSTV) that occured at Open Space until 1978 and then continued by Bill Bartlett on behalf of the Direct Media Association (Pender Island) until 1983. During Open Space's early years, networked environments were seen to be used for not only artistic applications but for educational purposes as well.

Open Space (Victoria, Canada) has existed since 1972 and under the innovative Directorship of Bill Bartlett (1974-1978), Open Space became the epicenter of Sattelite Art.

Please have a look at the new archives page. The digital archives in their entirety aregradually making a public appearance (once permissions from all the artists have been cleared).

In the meantime, I encourage you to read my online interviews with: Douglas Davis, Tav Falco, Tom Klinkowstein, Norman White, Robert Adrian X and Judith Doyle. Other interviews and articles will be added very shortly as many more have already been conducted. Just recently, we have added a re-typed article about SSTV for educational pieces written in 1979 called "Talk Back" by Peggy Cady.

Please have a peek at this beta version of the website and I also encourage you to sign our guestbook.

Best regards,
The Open Space Arts Crew:
Jeremy Turner - Digital Archivist
Douglas Jarvis - Webmaster
Todd Davis - Current Director