'I am a communication artist'--Interview with Nam June Paik

[Nam June Paik has been labeled the "father of video art." What is much
less known is that he was not only the creator of the much-abused term
"telecommunication superhighway," but also among the first to use
telecommunication satellites for artistic exchange. His satellite
performances "Good Morning Mr Orwell," "Wrap around the world" and "Good-
bye Kipling" brought together artists such as David Bowie, Laurie
Anderson, John Cage, Joseph Beuys, Charlotte Moorman and others to
perform together. These pieces can be seen as early exemples of net art.
The following interview was conducted by telephone. Nam June Paik was
reached in Florida, where he spends the winter away from his home in New
York City.]

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Tilman Baumg