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EKART : The web is dead !!

EKART : Electronic Keyword ARTcenter

New media art work from david guez (http://www.guez.org)

Ekart is an Electronic Keyword ART center in open share/access based on the use and the propagation of a key word via the networks peer to peer.

ekart uses the greatest world bases of exchange and resource sharing which are networks P2P (peer to peer).

The contents of ekart are free, in emission and diffusion, and it evolves/moves perpetually according to the artists who share their works (text, image, sound, video, software…) on P2Pnetworks .

ekart functions on the principle of the propagation and the contamination of a key word.

By using competences of the networks peer to peer, ekart recovers all the properties and all of it the questionnements.

ekart is a viral textual proposal.

ekart proposes to leave the Web in an elegant and minimalist way.

ekart is neither a tool neither a matrix neither an operator neither an operation neither illegal nor legal.

David Guez : http://www.guez.org