Solar exhibition in Finland

Aurinko - Sun (Aurinko is sun in finnish)
- exhibition of solar art
Rauma Art Museum 25.5.-29.6.1997

The Aurinko - Sun exhibition in Rauma Art Museum in Rauma, Finland,
focuses on the sun and its light, its energy and life-giving force, but
also on the concept of energy of light in a broader sense with artistic,
ecologic, mythologic and technic viewpoints to the sun. The exhibition
is showing a great variety of works that have solar energy or sun as an
important element and documentations of different projects dealing with
sun or solar power.

The exhibition is open during the sunniest part of the finnish summer
until one week after the Midsummer Day, the ancient summer solstice

The exhibition was opened by the Minister of Education of Finland Mr.
Olli-Pekka Heinonen and the patron of the exhibition, who also had a
speech at the opening, is Mr. Madanjeet Singh, Special Adviser to the
Director General of UNESCO.

In communication, metaphysical questioning and needs of practical life
man has been obliged to find suitable tools to survive and to cope with
his environment. This exhibition is searching for different kinds of
solar technologies in mythology, technology and art.

Mythological dimensions of the power of the sun are presented in Helin