Our works are always based on other people's heritage.

We think art is "other-ethnic", because it is made from other ethnic
group. If International style could be, It conformed and mislead to
another tradition. So, we're not decide form or color. We only dubbing
another esthetic judgement and translating different context into this
esthetics like Dub-music. This is not for discrimination.
Because "political correctness" is not ideal problem. And ideal
correctness is not political problem too. We think it's just a
paradoxical fact.

***Battle of Tang's Three-color Glaze

We translate one value judgement for another judgement. Every aesthetic
judgement can translate to another. Tang's Three-color Glaze is style of
chinese ceramics. We're group of artists in japan It's not our style.


POJAGI is style of Korean cloth.
It's not our style. Anyhow….

***Order_the taste of / Order_the scence of

We translating "idea" into someone's taste like art dealer's way. But we
have a policy not to make history except to individual story. Customer
choose color and composition. So it's not our style too, and it's not
contemporary or ethnic art, just individual. This works for only web
site except our customer's room.


Terminal Care
at "Tokyo Big Site" 1996
Takuji Kogo+Kazunari Horiguchi+Minoru Inayoshi and many others.

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