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terminals book/cd

Terminals: Considering the End
Terminals: The Cultural Production of Death
Terminals: Identities of Death/Technology

A hard copy book of critical essays and an accompanying CD-ROM on the
subject of death is being compiled. A number of works are documented
from the conference and exhibition in 1996. We would like to extend an
invitation to writers and artists to participate.

DEADline for submissions: August 1, 1997

Terminals: Considering the End
A UC wide exhibition created for the World Wide Web, encompassed a
variety of responses to death, art and computing. Multimedia works by an
international array of artists were organized into a series of virtual
galleries. It was shown simultaneously with physical installations in
art spaces at UC Irvine, Riverside, Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara.

Terminals: Considering the End and the book/CD-ROM are sponsored by the
UC Inter Campus Arts.


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Terminals: The Cultural Production of Death

A conference that explored the role played by disciplinary and other
institutionalized knowledge in the cultural production of death.

The conference was sponsored by the UC-Humanities Research Institute and
the Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, UCSB. The event took place
April 12-13, 1996.

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A book/CD-ROM is being compiled by the organizers of Terminals:
Considering the End, Terminals: The Cultural Production of Death and
Terminals: Identities of Death/Technology.

The book is being designed by internationally renowned book artists as a
limited run edition. Copies will be distributed to project participants,
and art libraries from around the world.

The CD-ROM will include select projects from the curated galleries on
the Web site, a variety of works accessible only through the CD, a large
collection of links to sites dealing with the issue of death, and an
extensive bibliographic index.

The goal of this project is to create the most comprehensive repository
on the subject of death available anywhere to date.

Artists and theorists are invited to submit work that are currently
completed or near completion for inclusion in the appropriate section.

Expected Release: Spring 1998

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Terminal: the final, the last, the closing.
Terminal: a remote device, a station, a node, a machine of thought.
Terminal: the killing malady.
Terminal: the office of the future.
Terminal: either end of an electric circuit, transportation line,
station or city.
Terminal: the last and most complete value or form given to an
Terminal: Latin, from terminus, a boundary.
Terminal: the certainty of death, the presence of absence.
Terminal: a prosthetic territory into which cogito of transnational
capital escapes.
Terminal: the site haunted by the vehicle/host from which it came.

SPEED: Technology, Media, Society

SPEED is a multimedia and multi-lingual forum for the development of
electronic theory, art, and politics. This online journal, a winner of
numerous awards, is preparing a special issue for inclusion in the book
CD-ROM. For more information on how to submit, contact the editors or go


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Victoria Vesna
E.A.T. Lab
Dept. of Art Studio, UCSB
Santa Barbara, CA 93106

Constance Samaras
Dept. of Art Studio, UCI
Irvine, CA 92717

Wolf Kittler
Dept. of German
Santa Barbara, CA 93106

Robert Nideffer
Dept. of Art Studio
Santa Barbara, CA 93106

Benjamin Bratton
Dept. of Sociology
Santa Barbara, CA 93106