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SEAFair '97

SEAFair '97 (Skopje Electronic Arts Fair)

Two web art projects by Intima Virtual Base - Creative Intimate Lab:




have been accepted for presentation at "Altering visions on the Net" -
SEAFair 97, and they will be presented in the company of 20 other

Exhibition Venue: Skopje Museum of Contemporary Art; June 24th - 29th,
1997; Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.

SEAFair is the first manifestation of this kind on the Balkans, bringing
together International web artists, multimedia artists, media critics
and theorists, as well as the interested audience. SEAFair is conceived
to be a serial of international events, exhibitions/video conferences,
which will explore the creation and existing of new media and electronic
arts and venues. SEAFair will at the same time serve as an international
and intercultural meeting point of arts and technologies.

SEAFair is organized by The Center for Computer Arts which acts within
the frameworks of the Soros Center for Contemporary Arts - Skopje,


External Projects List:
- Worlds With-in by Karel Dudesek, Van Gogh TV
- Metabolizer by Petco Durmana
- X Project by Heath Bunting
- The 12hr ISBN-JPEG Project by Brad Brace
- Form by Alexei Shulgin
- Face Setting by Kathy Rae Huffman
- interno/inferno by Igor Stromajer, Intima
- 0.html by Igor Stromajer, Intima
- Kunst & Politik by Robert Adrian
- The Alpha to Omega of Marketing by Simon Poulter and Ros Huxley
- Variety Is … by Lissa Hutton
- Bionic Codes by Ebon Fisher

Regional Projects List:
- Welcome Back to the Empire by Melentie Pandilovski
- Laika - the True Story by a group of Macedonian artists
- CefCA Project by a group of Macedonian artists
- Seeing the Sound by Bogdan Grabuloski and Violeta Blazeska
- Project by Igor Isakovski