Harvestworks Presents
LISTEN IN with Lisa Karrer and David Simons
Friday May 30
6 - 8 pm
Suggested Donation: $5.00

Harvestworks is pleased to present a Listen-In on Friday evening May 30
from 6 - 8 PM featuring Artists-In-Residence Lisa Karrer and
collaborator David Simons and invited artist Jeff Gompertz of Floating
Point Unit. The artists will present demonstrations of MIDI-Triggered
Devices related to their chamber opera The Birth Of George.

* In collaboration with Harvestworks technical engineer Dafna Naphtali
and interactive designer Diane Bertolo, Lisa will demonstrate her first
wireless experiments on stilts with MIDI Impact Triggers generating
sampled sounds, using devices developed for her by sound designer Bob

* David will demonstrate and reveal the secret of the MIDI THEREMIN,
which has confounded computer scientists and electronic musicians. David
and Lisa will also perform an excerpt for voice and Theremin, Traum
Kanone, from the score of The Birth Of George.

* Artist Jeff Gompertz will present a short lecture demonstration on the
subject of creating an Inflatable Polyethylene Bubble Suit. This suit,
fitted with tiny fans and studded with MIDI Proximity Triggers, will be
created for Bubble Boy, one of the characters in the opera. Lisa and
company will then give a brief demonstration of a Proximity Trigger and
how it relates to this character.

* These experiments are on-going and in-progress; questions, discussion,
suggestions and observations will be welcome.

The Birth Of George was commissioned by Harvestworks with funds provided
by the Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust . Karrer and Simons have
recently been awarded a Jerome Foundation Grant to conduct a five-week
full ensemble Musical Workshop Residence of The Birth Of George at
LaMama Galleria in fall 1997.

For further information please contact Carol Parkinson, Executive
Director of Harvestworks, at (212) 431-1130 ext 12 fax 212-431-1130 or visit our web site at