MSN Canada - New Media Awards '97

Microsoft Network Canada announces New Media Awards 1997, in conjunction
with Interactive Screen '97 at The Banff Centre for the Arts.

The Microsoft Network - MSN(TM) Canada is pleased to announce its
sponsorship of the first New Media Awards for Canadian developers, in
conjunction with Interactive Screen '97. Two MSN New Media Award winners
will have the opportunity to see their Internet programs featured on MSN
Canada and will receive admission to the Interactive Screen workshop to
refine their on-line concept. Entries will be accepted in two
categories: Documentary and Fiction.

Successful individuals will receive admission, room and board and a
travel stipend to attend Interactive Screen '97, at The Banff Centre for
the Arts, July 1 - 11, 1997. They will also receive production support
to create their on-line programs with delivery to MSN in the Fall of
l997. Winning programs become the property of MSN Canada.

MSN scholarship applications will be juried separately from Interactive
Screen, through the combined auspices of MSN Canada and The Banff
Centre, Media and Visual Arts. The application deadline is June 13,
1997. For details on how to apply for the MSN New Media Awards, go to:, or e-mail

Interactive Screen '97 runs at The Banff Centre from July 1 - 11, 1997,
bringing together the best minds in interactive media creation and
production to share ideas and mentorship with a limited number of
participants. The goal of Interactive Screen is to stimulate quality
interactive media development in Canada and abroad, targeted at a
diverse marketplace. It is a think tank/seminar exploring the
development of emotionally powerful, creatively inspired and
economically viable interactive content. After an intensive series of
introductory lectures, participants develop and pitch a project
throughout the two weeks of the seminar. Interactive Screen is one of
the many course offerings during the Banff Centre's Multimedia Institute
1997. Interactive Screen program details can be found at