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the disappearing interface - call for input

hi, i'm just starting work on my ba thesis which is centred around the
idea of the disappearing interface. by this i mean the move of immersive
technologies from without the human body to within as projected by the
cyberpunk writers in recent years (jacking in etc…). erkki huhtamo
charts this development from the victorian stereoscope to the motion
simulator and the multi-user games/ simulator to give you an idea about
the historical technologies i wish to involve.

i'm setting out with the following premises:

1. that the immersive technologies experienced in 'developed' societies
if framed within an arena of consumption replay the old notions of the
'christian/cartesian split between mind and body'. when the interface
moves within the body this tradition becomes problematic; the external
object of worship is become the worshiper.

2. also given the exponential trend for ever new, speedy and small
technologies which have moved closer and closer to the body, where can
they develop to once within the body. through this geographical full
stop will the magical trickery of the new be revealed? to coin the
problem in different terms, if in this context of desire/anxiety are
identities are formed through the lens/screen/spectacle what happens
when we have become the lens etc..

i'd welcome any advice/comments/suggestions from anyone. mail at