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VJDJ Zero Zero

I'll be doing a live netcast as VJDJ Zero Zero this Friday night, April
18th, starting at 9pm PST U.S.


or, open this location in realaudio:

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from Center For Electronic Art …deep in the heart of Multimedia Gulch,
San Francisco–screaming out of a full T1–scheduled performers–Terbo
Ted as VJDJ Zero Zero–Liquid Acrobat–Planet Six–Dj Foster–Amanda
Crosby providing visual textures

if you're in SF that night, and would rather smell us than tune in from
yer computer screen, you can come hang out while we netcast from the CEA
computer lab. It's at 259 4th Street, San Francisco, entrance on
Clementina, look for Center for Electronic Art sign. We'll be there
from 7pm til late. There's a bunch of computers there, and we'll have a
nice stereo and a video projector. That's it.

terbo over