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Wanted to briefly and informally invite the RHIZOME community to drop by
a new conference which has just opened at Electric Minds
(www.minds.com). Cohost Anna Couey and I have dubbed it Art Circuit.
It's a place where we discuss the arts and technology, singly and as a
pair. Current topics include:

Why Electronic Art?
Two Cultures
Art Sights
Art Sites
Criticism + Theory
Online Art & Freedom of Expression
Art as an Agent of Social Change
Disappearance of Art Spaces

…among others. You're encouraged to start your own topics as well.
Enter either through the front door, or go directly to:

Art Circuit

You don't have to do a thing to read, but to participate, you'll have to
register. It's fast, easy and free.

As some of you may have heard, Electric Minds is Howard Rheingold's
experiment with the idea of melding content and conversation on the Web.
Some of the current content that may be of interest:

"Documenta X Goes Online." Multimedia artists Gary Danner and Elisa Rose
(Station Rose) examine the site and exchange a few words with curator
Catherine David:

"Cultural Activity (formerly known as Art)." Mark Petrakis, of Anon
Salon and COBRA LOUNGE fame, sees the flamboyancy of San Francisco as
ongoing performance art:

"Stolen Treasures: New Revisions." Mark Jones on Vera Frenkel's project
"…from the Transit Bar" at the Offenes Kulturhaus: