"Class-less Classics" is upon us again

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– "Class-less Classics" is upon us again –

NEW YORK – This Saturday, House of Borax, in association with Thinking
Pictures, will produce and video stream the third episode of the hit
cyber series, "Class-less Classics." In addition to a live theatrical
parody of a literary "classic," the evening will include a performance
by the New York band "Hot Water," cozy cyber nooks for web surfing, and
a multi-media art exhibition. As always, the Borax & Thinking Pictures
event will be filmed with multiple cameras and broadcast live over the
Internet. As always, members of the press corps are encouraged to come
along, guzzle free beer and wine, and stick their fingers on the
bacchanalian pulse of modernity.

"Class-less Classics," which premiered in December, has received glowing
reviews for its raucous bastardizations of the greats of the Western
Canon. For the premier show, House of Borax actors re-enacted the Greek
myth "Icarus and Daedalus," the tale of the boy who flew too close to
the sun. Winged actors suspended from the rafters recited ancient verse,
a toga-clad band performed a rousing rendition of Steve Miller's "Fly
Like an Eagle" and, at evening's end, audience members stumbled from the
Thinking Pictures' studios dazed but smiling. Thinking Pictures
registered record-breaking on-line viewership for the event.

The second episode, in keeping with requests tallied on the "Class-less
Classics" homepage (http://www.rock.com/borax), mirrored another Greek
myth, "Echo & Narcissus." The modern rendition was complemented by the
songs of the New Haven band, "The Baltimore Foot Stompers," as well as
the works of eight visual artists. "It was the most exciting confluence
of film, theater, music, and visual art I've ever experienced," noted
Williams Cole of CBS. "An amazingly well orchestrated Internet

The third episode reaches deep into literature's breadbasket and
draws-upon the Egyptian myth of Isis and Osiris. "Class-less Classics"
screenwriter Stefan Schaefer explains: "Requests on our homepage were
divided this last month. One group of viewers suggested Egyptian myths;
another group wanted us to parody the Mafia film genre. Because we're
whores to the collective will of our audiences, the third episode will
be 'Isis – The Godmother.'"

Members of the press who wish to attend the live "Class-less Classics"
filming, broadcast, raucous party, and art exhibit on Saturday, April 5,
1997 should RSVP to:

Milo Ryan @ Thinking Pictures
tel: (212) 989-3950 – fax: (212) 989-4962
e-mail: milo@thinkpix.com

The event takes place in the studios of Thinking Pictures (448 W. 16th,
2nd Floor.) [New York]

Press reception @ 8pm – Live show @ 9pm.

Thinking Pictures is a MIT Media Lab spin-off company. A pioneer in
interactive and networked entertainment, Thinking Pictures produced the
Rolling Stones Voodoo Lounge Multicast in 1994, the first live concert
ever broadcast over the Internet. Thinking Pictures continues its
history of innovation with Rock.com, an interactive alternative culture

House of Borax was founded over 10 years ago as an underground theatre
and nightclub in Boston. Today, the company is based in New York and
produces independent films, documentaries, music videos, and multimedia