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internet is an open space where the difference between "art" and "not
art" has become blurred as never before in XX century. that's why there
are so few "artists" in this space. there is possibility of
misinterpretation and loss of "artistic" identity here. this might be
welcome. there are no familiar art institutions and infrastructures here.
internet art is not well paid so far… the equal possibilities of www
presentations blur these boundaries even more. hierarchies are built
differently but how?

what is www art - is it public art? advertising? more data noise? does it
have anything to do with galleries and critics? do we want it?

has founded an award:


we give it to web-pages that were created not as art works but gave us
definite "art" feeling. it may help art to be noticed on the net. we also
have attached found criticism to the found sites in order to test old
hierarchical sign systems and language against new. please inform us
about any changes of contents or design of awarded pages for the
award confirmation.