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"Digital Drivebys in Cyberspace"

Displaced Data as part of Translocations presents a live web link up
with Virtual Varrio's "Digital Drivebys in Cyberspace".


Wednesday 2nd April 1997,
Photographers Gallery, Great Newport Street, London, ENGLAND.

7. PM (British Summer Time, London)
2. PM (NY)
11. AM (LA)

In their live performance Virtual Varrio takes us on a humorous,
interactive and virtual journey through popular culture attacking on
their travels myths of Cyberspace and Latinos. A journey which refuses
to respect borders, taking jabs at everything from barrio life, gangs to
US immigration policies

Virtual Varrio/Pocho Productions are LA based multi media artists and
cyber varrios working with the cutting edge of Latino political satire,
who take the derogatory term pocho and turn it into a badge of honour,
chicanoizing popular culture and traditional Mexican folkways,
satirising both sides of the US border.

The evening also includes two short animations by Alex Rivera and Lalo
Lopez, animations which use digital imaging technology and satire. S:16
DIA DE LA INDEPENDENCIA, a satirical jab at Hollywood's Independence
Day, where sombrero-shaped spaceships zap the American White House with
chilli lasers. WHY CYBERCEROUS ?, takes us to the not so distant future
where the Mexican/American border has been sealed shut and migrant
workers from South of the border have to come to America the only
possible way via Cyberspace.

For tickets and further information contact the Photographers Gallery
+44 171 831 1772.