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luxus cont. for 3.2.1997

luxus cont.
sunday, 3.2.1997
callanetics - contd - convex tv.

wolliner strasse 12
(hinterhaus) - 10435 berlin

17.00 -18.00: convex tv.
info-sphere/socio-sphere I:
(-> radiosalon / -> plug-in / -> real time
/ -> net / -> tea-bar)

ab 18.00: 'contd'
info-kit box:
(-> represento-kit / -> display / -> ascii
/ -> print / -> bar)

ab 20.00: callanetics
socio-sphere II:
(-> graphic musik / -> set / ->djing
/ -> speakers / -> bar)


is a sensual wellness-programme resembling minute, tender, and precise
movements, consistently applicable to muscles and problem zones:
exercises and techniques for the perfect shape. robert lippok (to rococo
rot) introduces sounds as callanetics which are partly generated by a
graphic based synthesizer. his solo project will soon be accompanied by
a cd publication. stefan schneider (kreidler/ to rococo rot) will see
him home in the 'zuhause' module, making most of a record player. deep
audio exercise, re-shape your muscles.


will be released quarterly in the www. the electronic magazine
constitutes a new module in luxus cont.'s info-kit box. additional to a
'feature topic' for each issue it will deliver current-affairs in small,
medium and large - and in varying intervals.

theme park in issue 1: 'contemporary cartographies' with contributions
by: josephine berry, martin conrads, thomas eller, ren