2 Cities, 12 Venues, 200 Artists
Liverpool - Manchester April 11 - May 18 1997
Festival week April 11 - 20

VIDEO POSITIVE 97 : ESCAPING GRAVITY is the UK's biggest ever festival
of video and electronic art. Spanning two cities, a host of
contemporary arts venues and both Liverpool and Manchester's most
celebrated night clubs, VIDEO POSITIVE showcases the work of
international established artists and introduces a number of rising

Organised by the Foundation for Art & Creative Technology, VIDEO
POSITIVE 97 uses the theme Escaping Gravity to take a critical look at
the relationship between artists and new technology and identify both
the attraction and dangerous momentum of new technology as we exit the
millennium. The festival will contain over 20 installations by artists
from the UK, USA, The Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Canada, Bulgaria,
Norway and Scotland, ranging from sophisticated interactive multimedia
pieces to raw and provocative artists' works on video.

The Bluecoat in Liverpool will stage a host of work and European
premiers by artists including Lyndal Jones (Aus), John Wood & Paul
Harrison (Eng), Roderick Buchanan (Sco), and Sera Furneaux (Eng) working
in collaboration with Common Ground Theatre. In Spitfire 1.2.3 Lyndal
Jones explores the sexual attraction of women to heroic male icons: a
second world war pilot spins and loops through the air as we hear the
fantasies of women whispered in our headsets. At the Open Eye Gallery
the sensual new work of the much acclaimed young artist duo Stephanie
Smith & Edward Stewart (Sco) Finger, explores the body's use as a tool
of communication. And the Hope Street Gallery presents the UK premi