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'contd' - last call

++ electronic magazine ++
## launch in march 97 ##

!!!last call for contributions!!!

deadline 20.2.97

luxus cont.berlin is currently designing the electronic magazine
'contd', which will be launched in March 1997 and published quarterly on
the world wide web.

The project situates itself as a structurally open module in our
info-kit box, planned for the minimum duration of one year. In 1998 a
book is planned as a re-edited compilation of the texts submitted to

Given the continuation of 'contd' the publication should be perceived as
an interim balance sheet for the off-line-public. 'contd' intends to
offer surplus value to the mere documentation of work by achieving
reference and interchange compounds with persons, collectives, and

Contact and communication via 'contd' will ideally create transfer
processes for every participant departing from their own work leading
towards altered forms of mediation.

luxus cont. sees itself in this context as the provider of a magazine
which constitutes itself via the submitted texts and whose character
grows with the agenda of the texts.

# topic for issue one: 'contemporary cartographies' #

for further details please have a look at: