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WANTED dance + music

Ex-Butoh Dancer looking for Electronic Musician for Collaborative
Performances DJs, ambient, illbient, dub, insane sampleheads, 4-track
bedroom people

The musical structures of electronic music–samples, repetition over
extremely short term (jungle beats) or extremely long term (ambient),
beats vs. no beats, all suggest to me was of creating and structuring
movement. The idea of repeating a 1-second series of movements rapidly
over and over, like a drum loop, where the internal rhythm is subjugated
to the jerk of the sample repeating, strikes me as a really interesting
kinaesthetic experience. I believe this correspondence makes for the
possibility of close collaboration between a dancer and a musician, more
precise and shapable than the equally ecstatic link between DJ and club
dancer. Perhaps the way to start working together is simply through the
sharing of grooves, but the language is there to go beyond.

Ideally, the work I'm interested in making is a dance through different
energy environments established by music and movement in tandem, where
the content emerges from juxtaposition. I'm looking for the limits of
speed and precision available to the body, to the consciousness. Can the
body be used as a site for the interaction of multiple intelligences?
Can we find structures for sound and movement experiments that push our
body limits?

Possible venues:
* Quicktime shorts
* live bits in a dance context, say at Context, Mulberry St., others…
* live bits in a club context, the Cooler, whatever…

* Previous work:
solos, mostly. At Blue Rider Theatre, Chicago; Links Hall, Chicago;
Chicago Filmmakers, Chicago; and at basement parties. Was in a bit of a
Boba Fett show (small band in NY), improvising in a suit and a pile of
ashes and beer 3 feet from the audience. It was an incredible experience
for me, a true suck from the neck of rock. Exploring the performance
horizon between trance and the observing mind. I've collaborated with
musicians for most of my work, always amazed.

* My dance history:
was in bands, made paintings in school and secret Butoh performances;
gave up painting 4 years ago to make performances. Contact
improvisation, Butoh, yoga have been continuous studies in my life since
then; I spent a year as a performing Japanese Classical dancer in
Chicago; and since moving to New York in September I've been studying
Viewpoints theatre training, Cunningham, Graham technique. Currently
spending all my time and money at Movement Research, Jivamukti yoga, and
the Cunningham studio.

Please respond!

Andrew Fearnside

Butoh is dead; long live Butoh