internship opportunity

I am currently offering an internship (voluntary) for assistance with
Web and CD Rom projects.

If you know of someone who might be interested feel free to pass this
information on.


Dooley Le Cappellaine.
PH and Fax (212) 966 3046

+ + +

The exhibition "Technophobia" has just been released: it is the first
art exhibition made specifically for CD ROM. The emphasis is on an
examination of multimedia as a medium and it's future application in art

In the meantime I hope you will take a look at the Website and let me
know what you think.

To follow some infomation about the CD :

"Technophobia" is the first collection of art of this kind made as an
interactive exhibition. In addition to the original multimedia artwork
on the CD it's also possible to access a studio visit with each artist.

Judith Ahern, Bill Albertini, Huma Bhabha, Joseph Ferrari, Alan
Koninger, Tim Maul, Christian Perez, Troy Innocent, Guillaume Wolf and
Genevieve Glaucker and Jody Zellen and Dooley Le Cappellaine.

The CD also features music by David Barnes and Charles Cohen, Moniek
Darge, Joshua Fried, The Happy Jacks, Fugitive Pope, Phil Niblock, Mike
Hovanscek with Pointless Orchestra and John Hajeski with Post Prandials.
There are previews of the musician's works also on the Website.

(TECHNOPHOBIA plays on Mac and PC computers.)

At the Web Site along with previews of the works on the CD there are
special web projects which explore the possibilities of the web as a


The vision behind the project:

I think that this new technology offers the most exciting perhaps the
only exciting thing happening in contemporary art today.

*The exhibitions exist on CD Rom and the Web.*

I'm using the technology to transcend the limitations of physics,
finance and time inherent in other exhibition methods.

The contemporary art world is undergoing a deep transformation and the
whole economy of showing art is changing it's scale and character.

"Technophobia" is the first exhibition on CD Rom: it presents
interactive multimedia artwork and addresses the uses of computers in

I'm currently researching for the second CD and would like to hear from
you if you have any ideas you would like to realise in this format. The
size of the work doesn't matter; I'm looking for surprising thought
provoking work. To present work for future exhibition send materials
with a self addressed, stamped envelope to: Dooley Le Cappellaine,
Prince Street Station, PO Box 528, New York, New York, 10012-9998.
(please see specifications below)

PHONE AND FAX (212) 966 3046


The authoring tool is Director for Macintosh and the preferable format
is a Director Movie on CD Rom, Syquest Cartridge or high density 1.44 mb
diskettes. At this stage there is no restriction on gigabytes per artist
submission. All graphics sound text and movies should be presented in a
Macintosh compatible format such as; Word, Pict, MacPaint, Sound,
Director Movie or Quicktime Movie. I am particularly interested in how
artist's will use the interactive possibilities of the medium. *No
slides please. Sound or music: CD or tape, Still images: CD Rom, floppy
disc or Syquest cartridge compatable with a 200 mg drive, Video: NTSC or

(Allow four - six weeks for the review of materials.) Label all items
with your name, phone, address and e-mail and include a SASE for the
return of your work.