Art Dirt-Im-Port event for 3.21

The Port-MIT project at the List Visual Arts Center is picking up steam.
(chugga-chugga) I'm trying to organize a 'round the world performance/
Cu See Me/ RealAudio/ music video party for Friday March 21st. So far I
have Aix-en-Provence, Boston, Syndey Australia, and Moscow. Anyone else
want to jump on board? Also is still plenty of room for remote
interfacing on the Art Dirt Im-Port.

Here's the rough schedule:
Art Dirt / Port-MIT

Program schedule- Tues. 1pm to 3pm, Eastern Standard Time,
New York and Boston, USA
From January 28th Thru Mar. 29th

Continuous Performance/ Interface each week:

Robert Galinky- word artist

Rabinal Achi/ZapatistaPortAcion by: Ricardo Dominguez & Ron Rocco

BUYING TIME: The Nostalgia-Free History Sale by: M. River and T. Whid
Art Associates

THE FRENCH CONNECTION/Boston,Aix-en-Provence,NY interface with:
Emmanuelle Baron, Guillaume Stagnaro, Pascal Silondi, Guillaume
Blanchard, Celine Bellanger, Francoise Parra, Yann Goulm, Djamel Achour,
Renaud Courvoisier, Stephen Lassis, Eddy Godeberge, Christiane Soucaret,
Peter Sinclair, COSY DISCO, Alexandre Pazmandy, Bougie Manu, Estelle
Vautaret, Cecile Brouard, Elodie Brouillard, Fran