fpu@port, the facts and figures

Dear Rhizome data-heads

The "PORT" exhibition, organized by Artnetweb and currently being held
at the Massachusets Institute of Technology focuses on "distance
performance" as an experimental art medium.

Pseudo T.V. (http://pseudo.com/pseudoav) is a Digital Broadcasting
Studio dedicated to special projects using the internet as a medium of
expression and communication.

Floating Point Unit (F.P.U.) [http://www.thing.net/~floating] is a
digital performance art group. that is using the Pseudo T.V. facilities
as broadcasting headquarters to execute their "virtual installation" for
the Port exhibition.

We are seeking artistic collaboration in the way of Cuseemers interested
in experimenting (http://artnetweb.com/port/participants/floating.html)
with the medium on tuesday afternoons from 4-6 EST.

So far we have the participation of a Butoh dance group from Tokyo, and
some interesting Email from Brazil.

What we are looking for from Brazil in particular is anyone who is doing
any video or audio internet broadcasting from Rio or Sao Paolo during
the week of Carnaval.

It could even be someone with a home computer system and a good view out
their window.

We are equipped here to rebroadcast that signal to a thousand and
possibly more computer viewers.

To date the international "cybercast" guest performers include:

from Tokyo,Japan – Sanae Kagaya, Choreogrpher and Dancer of TOMOE
SHIZUNE & HAKUTOBO (http://www.tomoe.com)

from Brazil: ?

Pseudo T.V.s Reflector address is:

The PORT exhibitions Reflector address is:

If you have any difficulty getting the CUseeme connection let me know.