BE.YOND intimate performance / theatre installation

date: Friday, February 7th, 1997
time: 20:00 (Central European Time)

physical location: Kapelica Gallery - Ljubljana - Slovenia - Europe


more info:

created by Igor Stromajer
theory by Bojana Kunst
artist: Nika Locniskar
co-artists: Mojca Kasjak and Danielle Charronett
photo by Bojan Golcar

produced by INTIMA Virtual Base - Creative Intimate Laboratory
co-produced by Galerija Kapelica


SINGLE, structurally equal to ALL and endless in the microstructure is
showing the totality and breaknes of INTIMA in her mirror image. ONE,
split into TWO is compatible with the life of INTIMA. The magic
structure of ONE and the obsession with the individuality inspires the
ritual beauty of polarity which is shown on the altar of art.

The story about INTIMA is presented by a mathematical microstructure.
The circle is drawn and in the circle there is a whole world.

There is a world of the UNIVERSE and a world of the ATOM, but INTIMA is
the zone of their co-existence.

Belive in intimacy, individuality, co-operation, communication,
eroticism, concept, pleasure, media, fantasies, nuts, researching,
philosophy, high technology and angels.

Do not believe in tourism and the end.