New Project @ Sandra Gering Gallery Online

Sandra Gering Gallery Online presents a new online project:

Agree to Disagree: With Digressions
Janet Cohen, Keith Frank, Jon Ippolito

Agree to Disagree: With Digressions charts a series of arguments,
beginning with the inflammatory statement "in the future, books will be
replaced by maps," in both time and space. Viewers can navigate through
an individual argument by clicking one at a time on the artists'
responses to each other. These responses are represented both in words
and by a series of arrows that indicate agreement or disagreement in
spatial terms. The cumulative overlay of arrows expresses the shape of
the argument, while the larger-scale structure is determined by
digressions from one argument to another.

Agree to Disagree: With Digressions was written in Macromedia Director
and can be viewed with any browser that supports the Shockwave Plug-In.

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