Art Dirt - Port_MIT

Hi everyone,

Now that the exhibition (PORT-MIT) has started we know a little more
about how to set things up. For the Art Dirt interface we have changed
the screen set up slightly to accommodate your demands. The set up is

Screen 1- RealAudio stream from Art Dirt program on Pseudo Radio Network

Screen 2- Chat window using Netscape browser 3.0 java enabled

Screen 3- Cu See Me (

Screen 4- Miscellaneous applications such as: IRC, Look@Me,internetPhone
or your choice.

If you have Look@Me and a fast connection T1 you can stream video or
whatever is on your desktop. If you want to interface with Art Dirt and
have a special application you use contact: or or or me remember I
am not in Boston, the other people are. If you want to announce your
Art Dirt interface event or find out what is going on, I suggest you
join the ListServ. This is very important for good communication to

send an e-mail message to: LISTSERV@HOME.EASE.LSOFT.COM

In the body of the message: SUBSCRIBE PORT-MIT your name

Remember this is an 8 week event. You have a chance to figure it out
over the course of time. This past Tuesday we had Cu See Me from
Aix-en-Provence France and Leipzeig, Germany, phone calls from Los
Angeles and of course NYC.