10 years after Chernobyl

CAMERAWORK 26 April to 1 June 1996

This major touring exhibition marks 10 years after the Chernobyl incident.
Featuring works by three British artists, all of whom have some connections
with the nuclear industry, and the award winning work of Ukrainian
filmmaker Vladimir Kuznetsov; The Unthinkable is the Unknowable presents a
series of responses to the impact of nuclear power on people's lives. The
internet project, edited and developed by Angela Medhurst and Helen Sloan,
will include text and images relating to the documentation of living and
working in the midst of the nuclear industry and will provide a direct link
to the Ukraine and the country's simultaneous events in remembrance of the
Chernobyl disaster.

The Unthinkable is the Unknowable Internet project provides a direct link
between the Ukraine and Britain. Using new documentary techniques that
highlight, rather than resolve the contradictions in the information
provided on the nuclear industry, this project will have an important role
in stressing the emphasis on human experience within the exhibition. As a
contribution to the site, everyone is invited to record their experiences
and comments on the disaster and the nuclear industry - send your
responses to helen@volcanic.demon.co.uk, fax them on 0181 983 4714 or post
them to Camerawork marked Chernobyl Website. From 26th April responses
can be made on the site itself.