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experimental curating for the 90s

Ella Gibbs of belt, Alexei Shulgin of the Moscow wwwArt Centre

Monday 27th January 1997
@ 7:30pm
@ Backspace, Winchester Wharf, Clink Street, London SE1

BLOCKED REPRESENTATION: Immersion and Projection

"I do wish we could be more we.
A place to meet. New understanding.
Is our perception making up the world?
[how] DO we separate parts of our life?"

Ella Gibbs, belt:
Not a traditional exhibition / performance space
nor for formal lecture / workshop situations.
The interest is in blurring of boundaries and definitions,
what lies between different disciplines,
between work and audience

shifting curating from representation of representation
to new forms of creative action, based on communication.
The political conflict between the two approaches.
Approaching the highest possible level of art/life uncertainty
as artist ,
as communicator.

Moscow wwwArt Centre:
translation of Russian underground (= mainstream) art onto
the Internet;
creating new and reshuffling contexts;
being on the frontier of art and everything else;
others….. unmentionable.
Are [new][net] art institutions possible?

+ + +

Mugger Music by Manchester's LOADING DECK

Monday 3rd February 1997
@ 7:30pm
@ Backspace, Winchester Wharf, Clink Street, London SE1

DUMPED REPRESENTATION: Inverted Site-specificity.

Mugger Music: a time-based multiple by Nick Crowe, Jane Gant, Graham
Parker and Ian Rawlinson, presented in May 1995.

Form: a series of walks and "walks" over a continuous 24 hour
period through Manchester following the course of Manchester's polluted and
largely invisible River Medlock

Performer (1) leading audience (1) through the immense complexity of a city
unfolding before them.

Audience (1) stalking performer (1) ?…..

The Loading Deck bring an uncertain edge to both the space and time frames
that characterise a variety of contexts that make up the end of century
urban warren.

Further performances of Mugger Music are scheduled for Lower Manhattan in
June 1997.

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STALK: experimental curating for the late nineties

a forum to backtrack and re-examine independent work using documentation.
focus on work to project new ideas, ideas to project new work.
live discussions through transnational internet linkups
experiment and integrate curatorial agendas with new technology