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Concerning the 1st International CAiiA Research Conference:
"CONSCIOUSNESS REFRAMED - art and consciousness in the post-biological

5 & 6 July 1997

Organised by CAiiA - the Centre for Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive
Arts, University of Wales College, Newport, UK.


An international conference to look at new developments in art, science,
technology and consciousness.

CAiiA Director: Roy Ascott (100143.100@compuserve.com)

Conference Coordinator: Joseph Nechvatal (jnech@imaginet.fr)

Programme Committee: Jonathan Bedworth (j.m.bedworth@newport.ac.uk),
Char Davies (cdavies@microsoft.com), Dew Harrison
(dharriso@newport.ac.uk), Gillian Hunt (ghunt@newport.ac.uk), Joseph
Nechvatal (jnech@imaginet.fr), Miroslaw Rogala (rogala@mcs.com), Jill
Scott (jscott@zkm.de), Bill Seaman (seaman@umbc.edu) and Victoria Vesna

The term "post-biological" is intended to cover all aspects of life
which are mediated, extended or transformed by technology, including,
and in the case of this conference, the mind and consciousness. For
example, we are interested in the impact of digital technologies, bio
technology and artificial life on art, as well as the exploring the
value of art in understanding cognitive processes, conceptual modelling
and theories of mind. The conference is convened in order to enable
ideas from a variety of artistic, scientific and other sources to
surface, be exchanged and developed in ways which might further our
individual practice and research in both science and art.

Some of the issues addressed by research fellows and students at CAiiA

Mapping & Responsive Visualisation
Transformation Future Body
Public - Personal Spaces
Dream Consciousness & Reality
Sonic Re-Embodiment/Sonic Disembodiment
Left Brain Navigation
Immersive Spaces
Psychological Architectures & Incorporation Bodies
The Cybernetics of Architecture
Cyberception & Paranature