Telepolis call

Telepolis Online Journal: Call for contributions and upcoming special
issues, topics

launch date: 1.2.97. topic: "digital cinema"

description/questions: how do computers affect the narrative language of
cinema? are computers just another tool for better special effects? will
there ever be something as "interactive cinema"? how do digital special
effects influence the ways of perception of people? is the talk about
"digital cinema" just promoting the sales of hard- and software
manufacturers? how does the "liaison dangerouse" between silicon valley
and hollywood influence/enhance existing power structures in the media
landscape? are new media (like cd-rom, websites, games) an alternative
to cinema, empowering the powerless, or just new markets for the big
media conglomerates? is there still something as a "language of the
avant-garde" or has it been absorbed by programs like MTV and "power
advertising" throughout the commercial media landscape?

launch date: 1.4.97. topic: "economy"

description/questions: analyses of the "global city", the working of the
monetary system; alternatives to neo-liberalism; what characterizes
"net-economy" and is it really different? will qualities of
"net-economy" (shareware, economy of trust, copyright free works, etc.)
influence economy in real life? what does "digital money" mean
(technically, socially) and what will change if it is accepted on a
broad basis? is it useful to polarize between states/companies, central

launch date: 1.7.97. topic: "art"

description/questions: there is a certain art discourse that rules the
politics of museums, galleries, festivals; despite the critical
discourses raised in the eighties these institutions still tend to
exclude art from outside the triad of power North America, Europe,
Japan; also new disciplines like net art very slowly if ever infiltrate
the art-system; this telepolis issue wants to feature art from
marginalized regions and disciplines, thereby trying to find a new
definition for the term "art" that somehow has become odd and obsolete;

Texts of any length and style (html-formatted works also possible) can
be submitted to Armin Medosch, Telepolis ( All
submissions will be read carefully. There is no guarantee for
publication. The publication of prepublished texts is also possible but
the redaction has to be informed about prepublications. For accepted
texts a honorary on the basis of number of characters (negotiable
individually) will be paid.