r_girl's roots worth diggin

As usual, I am everywhere at once, hunting for potatoes and digital
fungi. Finding organically generated source code (the future of
net-specific programming) and spontaneously occurring netmospheric
sustenance (satisfying content) is difficult. These few kept me nibblin
for a little while.

Check em out. Go! Speed racer – Go! Speed racer – Go!

1) http://arthole.com/

That's what I said, "Juicy." Where else can you meditate, sample
experimental film, worship and examine haunting representations of
murder sites in Chicago? No where else stupid… Just _Art hole_.

2) http://thing.at/diana/

The John Hinkley inspired creative obsession and "Gee whiz" nice
wallpaper work for me. I don't care whether it is a Fan club or
mizz-information terrorist headquarters. This is real *Girly* art (with
a power fem G) - so good I am nauseated. Subscription to the principles
that brought about the _Digest of Diana_ will bring direct results:
FAME, FORTUNE, a warm cell and THREE SQUARES a day.

3) http://www.mxm.com/tangled/index.html

_Tangled Web_ is comprised of enough combinations of limbs, organs and
whole bodies to shake up a reaction from Mary Shelley's dusty old
corpse. I am excited by the nude assemblage; But I am also totally
unable to focus. The images are perverse and still restrained and
careful. This site is a sadistic game, manipulation device, flesh
offering and unabashed tease. What's a girl to do? Boy! - I mean - like
- Where's da beef?!

4) http://bowlingalley.walkerart.org/

Perplexing combo: Mix a high art space with a grunty pop cultural sports
venue and a plain old kinky smut peephole. Don't ask. Just go. Tell me
later if you can figure it out.

+ + +

What do you think? I always get the good ones. But how do you see it?
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Speed say, "Send urls to list@rhizome.org." Put "r_girl" in the subject
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r_girl (educated by cyber-grass)