Happy Birthday! Art Turns 1,000,034

* join Art's 1000034th Birthday (AA) celebrations *

We are working on planning a program for next january 17

* 17.01.97 marks Arts' 1000034th Birthday according to robert filliou's
histoire chuchotee de l'art *

(French artist Robert FILLIOU proclaimed Jan.17.1963 - also his Birthday
- to be Art's 1000000th Anniversary.)

This arbitrary and revendicative act projected a utopic desire for
worldwide official proclamation of AA by political powers in the spirit
of La Fete permanente and recognition of artist work and implication.
For 34 years now, people and groups have gathered celebrating and
promoting AA and activate for its political officialisation. Quebec City
has decreted AA as others have, in Quebec, Canada, Europe.

We NOW invite you to contribute to this utopy.

- - worldwide celebrations 17.01.97 - -

All groups concerned with AA in the past (and others) are now contacted
and encouraged to organise manifestations in their community and to
inform Le Lieu of their programm ASAP.

We suggest you to promote this day your original way in your community
and approach local politics with the demand for AA concrete/official

In Qu