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HILUS Vienna send sad news

HILUS Intermedia Project Research finishes its activities on December
31, 1996

The media art organization HILUS Intermedia Project Research, founded in
1992 by Reinhard Braun, Max Kossatz, Christine Meierhofer, Christoph
Nebel und Herwig Turk, was the first integrated reference system for
media art, video, new media and art in Austria. At the end of the year,
we will finish all activities and the office in the Kleine Neugasse,
that has been accessible to the public since 1995, will be closed. The
WWW server will also close, information about HILUS projects and history
will stay online at The Thing web server (www.thing.at/thing).

Our last projects were the E-FAHRSCHULE (Internet training), the
program series INFO-COCKTAIL, participation in the exhibition "Junge
Szene 96" in the Secession Vienna, the running of the Open Circuit
Database in the WWW and the building up and operation of the
INFORMATIONSSYSTEM KUNST+NT. The personal engagement of the members has
made possible the continuation of the publicly accessible
infrastructure. But, because of other activities and offers to the
members, and due to the missing essential financial support for the
basic infrastructure, it was decided that it is no longer possible to
continue the work as volunteers.

The InformationSsystem Kunst+NT, the largest media art archive in
Austria, (which mainly consists of Kathy Rae Huffman