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Virtual World Orchestra

Deadline: January 20, 1997

The NVA Organization in Scotland will premiere Virtual World Orchestra,
an international interactive Internet event in Glasgow, April 4/5/6,
1997. For this event, VWO will combine live artists and musicians with
on-line participants worldwide. Together, the real and virtual audience
will explore texts, sounds and images to suggest how geography affects
the way each of us sees the world, informs what we have to say, and
influences how we create.

NVA has already started the first phase of VWO, the collection of
stories from individuals. Amazing responses from 69 countries have
already been received.

At the Internet site, three questions are posed. Your response can be
sent directly to the web site, in any language, as text or as sound.

It is hoped that responses will come in from every country/nation around
the globe, creating a truely Virtual World Orchestra. The 3 questions
for VWO are currently translated into 15 languages! If yours isn't
there, then mail us and tell us! Your personal stories will form a
verbal tapestry, as well as the content of the final production.
Deadline for stories is January 20, 1997.

For those who choose to send spoken rather than written stories, or to
send local sounds, a reservoir of audio responses will be developed.
This will become a resource which will allow anyone to download,
manipulate and then UPLOAD their re-mixed version of the original audio
file back onto the website. Please mail for instructions. Or, you will
be able to simply *listen* if it all seems too complex!

The next phase of VWO is image development. As soon as the body of
texts is built up sufficiently, electronic imaging will be invited from
viewers. During this phase, graphic responses will show which areas of
information excite the imagination most. Individual viewer responses
will be posted directly to the Web site in the form of picture files.

The final results of the combined aspects of the virtual audiences
participation will be projected onto huge video screens -and broadcast
worldwide, as an M-bone Internet transmission- during a 5 hour live
performance. You don't know what the M-bone is? In 1995, NVA created
the spectacular performance event *Stormy Waters* - the first event in
Europe to be broadcast live -worldwide- using the multi- cast backbone
network, or M-bone. For details see: http://www.stormy.gla.ac.uk/

Right now, NVA invites you to participate by leaving your story on the
VWO website (don't worry, only three questions are asked). Also, NVA
invites you to circulate this INVITATION to friends in different
countries. VWO will be only as successful as the genuine international
communication experience it develops.

This is the story so far, we hope you can find a few minutes to get
involved. For additional information, contact:

Angus Farquhar NVA Organization (formerly Test Dept Productions) 62
Kelvingrove St., Glasgow G3 7SA, Scotland Fax 00 44 141 331 1433