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The Timeshow

Hello there

This is a open invitation to participate online with a theatre show in
Amsterdam playing 5 days before christmas eve. IN the text below you
will find more info on what the show will be.

The CuSeeme reflector will be an important visual contribution to this
project, and I would like to ask you warmheartedly if you would be
willing to give us your artistic attention in this event.

You are free to feed us with whatever visual and/or audio material you
think suitable for the project.

The IP number =

Please let me know as soon as possible if you would be willing to join
us in the show so I can give you some more info on the programs and
guests day by day:

+ + +

NOGAP presents in co-production with De Republiek and Maatschappij

THE TIMESHOW - Time = Relative to the heart
(have yourself a merry little christmas)

December 20-24 between 12 pm and 1 am (Dutch time)

In the Felix Meritis theatre in the week before christmas a late night
show will take place. A music-theatre show in which actors, singers,
dancers, musicians, media artists and others will be invited to give
their contribution around the theme of the show, time and emotion. With
songs, dialogues, readings, music and other audio, video and other
imagery etcetera, every night an hour will be compiled, which will be
different every night dependant on which guests are there.

– The feeling of time is influenced by different emotions, it can
stretch or shrink, becomes more or less important, can be dependent on
it's location, either by distance or surroundings. The show tries to
it's own reflection of time, or "timecapsule", each night, with various
media. –

Not only live present on stage but also via the internet or via ISDN
videoconferencing artists will be able to participate live to the show.
The timelap between locations will play it's own part in this

The CuSeeme reflector of the Amsterdam Internet World Fair will give an
important contribution to this event. Artists from around the world will
be invited to show their ideas via sound and vision and be present in
the show at all times. And the show itself will be "netcasted" through
this reflector around the world. The Amsterdam Cable TV network will
also cablecast the whole event live every evening.

Very prelimanary lists of artists & organisations.
- "Ungungstraum" Helga Haug/Marcus Dross/Daniel Wetzel, theatre and video
artists Giessen, Germany
- Philip Bussman & Ariana Smart designer and actress, New York, USA.
- The Gertrude Stein Repetory Theatre, New York, USA.
- Bart Suer jazzmusician from the band SFeQ, Amsterdam.
- Fons Merkies, actor and composer, Amsterdam.
- Ingejan Lighthart Schenk, Actor, Amsterdam.
- David Garcia, Media artist, Amsterdam.
- Marc Nukoop, dancer/performer, Amsterdam.
- Mauzz, media artist, Enschede.
- Eyegasm,veejays, Amsterdam.
- Pauline Kalker, actress, Amsterdam

This event is sponsored by The Internet World Fair/NIKHEF, The Gertrude
Stein Repetory Theatre Company, Maatschappij Discordia, Maatschappij
voor Oude en Nieuwe Media, DASARTS, Firma Kramer, Axio Systems, Bier &